Trainee/Apprenticeship Information

  • Our present areas of work include: innovative urban planning, architecture & interior design.
  • Preference will be given to Semester VIII, IX & X for a minimum of 4-6 months. Any other lower semesters or lesser times periods will not be considered. Also preference to Architecture and / or Planning students over interior and landscaping students.
  • Applications can be sent in only 1-3 months in advance (not any earlier), with detailed bio data & SMALL SIZE soft copy with passport size photograph over email.
  • We only use computer aided drafting, no manual drafting on drawing boards, so knowledge of Autocad, any 3-D program (or any other drawing programs) is mandatory. Certain level of expertise in either making working drawings, presentation drawings, physical model making or report writing, etc will be expected.
  • Students with laptops are encouraged to bring them along so as not burden the office workstations.
  • In terms of remuneration, we contribute towards lunch at selected points & petrol expenses. We provide no stipend.
  • Dedication, commitment towards office work, full presence in the office is expected from the students.
  • Once confirmed the student is expected to inform if she/he cannot come for any reason. Failing to do so will result in reporting to the HOD of the respective school or department. Swapping offices without informing will also result in dismissal from the concerned office too.